Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hiking Sylvester's Slot

The other day I got the pleasure to go on a hike with JT Holmes and a man from The Freeride World Tour, David, to the top of the Tram Face. JT leg the way straight up Sylvester's Slot to the top. After getting an amazing glimpse at one of the Golden Eagles that live on the face JT sat down with David and gave one of the most amazing interviews ever coat on tape.

The run down the backside was just as fun as the craziness on the way up. We ran down the sandy areas reaching speeds up to 15 mph +. Once the fun had been done we sat down at Sopa in the Village and enjoyed some food and thought of more areas where we could get it done.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Very Red Day

The other day my friend Ben and I drove out towards Russel Valley to meet up with Corry and Josh. We met up with them at a dirt field and immediately we could all feel are necks turning a little red as Corry pulled out her Shotgun. Ben had brought the skeets and Josh pretty much just brought his "A" game for the day. Me on the other hand, brought nothing except a cup of coffee. Once we had all the guns loaded, a 12 Gage Shotgun, Sawed-Off Shotgun, 22 Hand Gun, and a 356, we set up the targets and skeets for demolition. Once the cans were completely annihilated and the skeets where gone, we shot the hell out of the hill behind us until there were no more bullets. After we sat and let the endorphins settle down a little, we cleaned all our shells up and headed off into the sunset like the red necked kids we all are.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Marte

Once we all had given our brains a rest from the insanity that had happened in Chile, Tim Konrad(God) and myself got on a charter bus and headed back to Las Lenas hoping that we could get a day in on the infamous Marte.

The first time I was in Las Lenas the Marte lift had a little bit of a problem and did not open in the 10 days that I was there. Since I had left, the lift opened and everyone that stay in Las Lenas said it lived up to its expectations. Once I herd that, I knew that I could not go back to North America and let this lift haunt me all winter, I needed to get in on it.

No latter than two days of waiting in las Lenas it started to snow and it was all lining up perfectly. We checked the weather and read it was going to be clear the next day. We went to bed with our fingers crossed and woke up to a beautiful blue bird day. It had snowed about a foot and it was just enough to make it perfect. Tim leaded the way and took me to all the sweetest spots off the lift (hence the reason why he is still God). We skied all over the place including what was closed underneath the lift. After getting yelled at in Spanish (which we both didn't understand a word of) and loosing the Asada we had the night before, we decided that that was enough. We went back to Tim's condo and sat in silents enjoying the satisfaction of the day. After getting a day on the Marte it was now time for me to head back to the states and get ready for the Northern season that is ahead. And of course to play Bocce Ball Oct. 11th with the High Fives Foundation.