Friday, September 11, 2009

One Remarkable Day

The other day we went out on a mission to fight the weather and hoped that we could get some shots. Chris Booth, Ingrid Backstrom, Tim Konrad(God), and myself set out with the legendary Tom Day in search of something remarkable. Convenient for us there is a ski resort about 2 1/2 hours from where we are staying called The Remarkables. With some scepticism with us we turned the cars in that direction. As we drew closer to the resort, to our surprise, it was indeed pretty %^&$% remarkable. The Remarkables has some of the most amazing in-bounds terrain I've seen here. Once Tom dropped his business card on the marketing manager we stuck our tickets together and went out to give the weather a shot.

We took a short hike off the top chair lift to set up a time laps and to check out the snow. The view off the backside is, most definitely, remarkable. It looks straight down into Queenstown and has some sweet rock formations. Tom set up his time laps and we set off to find some sun.

With no sign off the weather giving in we set out to scout for lines just in case we got a window. After we found some zones we liked we sat and waited patiently to see if we were going to get a chance. After hiking to the top and holding on to our hope we finally admitted defeat and headed down. The weather was not going to give in on this day.

The weather stopped us from filming for the day, but did not stop us from skiing on. We found a run off the back side that took us back to the road where we could catch a shuttle back up to the lodge. Once Tom and I got some pics of Ingrid standing next to the sign for the run, we turned on the tunes and let them go. At the end off the day everyone was smiling ear to ear. We got in the car cranked the radio and mumbled to ourselves, "what a remarkable day!!!!"

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