Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Journey to Sochi

Today was our last push for the next two weeks on the airplanes. Are plan was to wake up at 4 am to get in our Taxi to the airport, but that had changed from the night before when we decided to show St. petersburg what a real U.S. shit show was all about. Because of our lack of intelligence on that night we completely set our clocks wrong and failed at the mission of tackling the jet lag. So we never got up at 4 am instead we woke up at 9pm the night before and walked around the city till the taxi came. The time change is 11 hours so its a super difficult one to get use to. Anyways the taxi came and it brought us to the international airport where the shit show continued. Once are taxi driver realized that Sochi is in Russia, too, just like St.petersburg, we quickly packed the cab back up and rushed to the domestic airport where our flight really was.

After dealing with the security and getting all our stuff together we enjoyed the sights of this run down old airport and all of its surprising features and interesting architecture, we then board our first leg of our journey.
We had a two hour lay over in Moscow which to our surprise was very pleasant. After eating some food Tim Konrad (God) starting feeling a little sick as I did. His, probably from the runny eggs, and me from to much snus/lack of sleep combo. After fighting the stomach cramps and the pail lips we made it onto our last leg which went by with the back of my eye lids being the only thing I saw.

We arrived at the Sochi airport two hours later with all our bags and most surprising, all our stuff still in them. We argued between two taxi drivers on who was going to score the joy of being able to drive us up to the Krasanay Polyana. (i.e. get paid) Finally they came to an agreement and we were on our way. The drive was spectacular. everything seemed as if it were under construction getting ready for the 2014 Olympics mayhem. We are all really stocked to have the opportunity to see this place before it is totally modernized. The taxi came to a stop at our new home for the next couple of weeks. A little apartment for each of us on a beautiful hill side looking up at the snowy mountains of South/East Russia. We all disappeared into our hobbit holes exhausted and in silence. I sat down in a chair that directed my attention out at the scenery of my new window. With out any warning I broke the silence of my room with laugher thinking about how 4 years ago I would have killed to be sitting in this seat I am right now.

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