Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Everest Trip

About a month ago Mikey Wilson asked me if I would be interested in going on a trip with him to film a segment for his project. With no real details I nodded my head and told him I was in.

I got home from Morocco just in time to do the Tram Face event here at Squaw. Wilson came to the HQ and told me that we would be leaving 2 days after the event and would be gone till the beginning of April. The problem didn't come till I got 6th Place in the Squaw event and qualified for the Verbier X-Tremes. Wilson then told me what the new plan was. We would leave on the 6th of March to Mt. Everest then I would be there for 10 days and would fly straight to the Verbier X-Tremes. The month that didn't seem that hectic, just got really intense.

The Days past and I rested in my bed waiting to pack everything up. With the excitement of a 4 year old on Christmas I couldn't wait to see the mountain that I have dreamed about for so many years. It wasn't until Wilson called and told me that the trip was a no go and would have to be post pond that I was bummed. Although I wasn't going to get to see Everest I now had sometime in-between events and some time to film at home. I took every opportunity I could to fill the time that wasn't suppose to be empty, but in my dreams at night Everest haunted me.

My Tahoe time was over and I packed up with JT to head to Verbier. It wasn't until I was standing at the bottom of the Bec de Ross, I realized that this other dream had come true, and I new I had to let go of Everest in order to get the full experience of this one. With an emotion coaster ride and the scariest line I have skied, thus far in my life, I sat on the plain headed home.

After a couple of days hiding in the HQ the adrenaline from the Bec started to wear off and the flashes of Everest started to pop back in my head. I wasn't trying to talk about the flashes, I more or less kept them in my own head as a dream.

Wilson got back into town a couple days after I did and called me to go get some food in the Village. We met at one of the new bars and before I could sit down he looked at me and asked me if I was finally ready to go to Everest. I had an overwhelming feeling of excitement and fear as I sat down. I tried to keep my cool and hide the fear that was boiling up as I asked him if he was ready to do some stunts. We had some burgers then headed off to our beds. I don't know what he was thinking, but my head was back where it was after the Tram Face event.

The new date is set for April 11th where Mike Wilson, Byren Wells, Rory Bushfield, and myself will embark on a Freeriders dream. The objective is to build jumps over the biggest crevasses we can find and to ski lines that no man has ever skied before. As of now, in my dreams, it is a trip of a life time.


Anonymous said...

Timmy , the worst risk in Life is regreting that you did'nt take a risk to jump into a dream of a lifetime . gogogo xo Susie Alexander

MaryLouMaedoestheUSA said...

so exciting! Have fun and don't get sick! And ski the crap out of that thing :D