Thursday, December 9, 2010

Never Would Have Thought

o far skiing has been an amazing journey for me. From Alaska all the way to Africa, skiing has taking me to places I could have only dreamed of long before. And not to mention the people I have become friends with in the process. All the way back to a youngster shredding with my close friends that I grew up with to maturing with Mikey Wilson to today skiing with my long time ski hero JT Holmes and even getting the chance to ski with the infamous Candide Thovex from time to time. Skiing is a special activity in many peoples lives that brings them the happiness that we all need weather it be travel to exotic areas, skiing the mountains in the backyard, or even the simplest day dream at work of the perfect place. So the only thing I ask is after you are done reading this, call up a friend, get your skis and go out an enjoy the sport for what is!

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