Saturday, December 5, 2009

Juneau, Alaska Day 1

Today we loaded up in the helis and set out to shred some POW. It was about a 10-15 minuet flight out to the first zone we skied. The snow was stable/good and light. We took a couple runs there then bumped over to another zone that was a little bit more technical and had some bigger airs.
Once we had our fun there we took off to get are legs completely worked for the day. We landed in a saddle that had a 3,000' cliff on one side and a slope that varied 30-40 degrees or so. We made our way down in sections, making some of the best turns we ever have in Alaska, while our legs burned deep.

Our six hours of daylight was coming to an end at this point, so we slapped some high fives and geeked out for a bit then jumped back in the helis to film one another from them on the way home with the amazing Alaska views.